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Topical Medications for Patients with Chronic Sinusitis

Frequent sinus infections can be caused by bacteria and viruses. Ear, nose and throat doctors frequently use nasal irrigations and topical antibiotics to lessen episodes of infection, especially after sinus surgery. However, there is controversy as to whether or not topical nasal sprays with antibiotics are an effective form of treatment.

Studies using the topical antibiotic mupirocin have show benefit for people who suffer from recurrent episodes of sinusitis. Studies from Australian researches have demonstrated improvement in sinus symptoms for patients who underwent sinus procedures. The doctors found that 15 of 16 patients with Staphylococcal infections were improved after treatment with mupirocin. These results were particularly gratifying, since staphylococcal infections are very common in sinusitis patients.

Studies like there require further evaluation so that doctors can fully evaluate the benefits of topical treatments. Further studies help ear, nose, and throat specialists find the best and safest treatments for this common condition.

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