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How To Keep Your Voice Clear And Vibrant

The cold winter months are a bad time for the human voice. Its delicate tissues are easily damaged due to exposure to the elements as the moist covering of mucus dissolves the critical thin covering of mucus over the vocal cords and throat.

To avoid the loss of your voice during the cold weather, make sure you know how to protect the lining tissue of your nose and throat:

  1. Keep your nose, face and neck warm. The cold air dries up the mucus in your throat that is necessary for normal speaking.
  2. Never yell or scream loudly while outside in the cod. This causes laryngitis and hoarseness.
  3. Don’t continuously clear your throat. This can damage the vocal cords and lead to vocal nodules, which cause a husky voice.
  4. Hydrate yourself well before you go out of doors.

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