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Four Tips To Keep Your Sinuses Healthy This Winter

This winter has been brutally cold, and infections of the nose and throat are common when the delicate sinus tissues are injured by the entry of bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances.

The immune system constantly monitors the nose and sinus lining, and when it is alerted to problems, protective action is taken in the form of inflammation, nasal blockage, increased mucus production and pain. This is a normal process, but there are ways to less the pain and suffering.

Here is a checklist for helping your sinuses return to normal:

  1. Keep your nose warm and free of crusting around the nostrils. This protects the delicate lining of the nose. When the nasal mucus dries up, crusting and bleeding occur, leading to injury of the living lining tissues inside the nose. Bundle up with a scarf.
  2. The membranes inside the nose are very fragile, and bleeding from the nose commonly occurs. Make sure that you spray a saline rinse into the nose frequently.
  3. Be careful about blowing the nose too strongly. This can lead to a severe nosebleed.
  4. Keep your throat moist to prevent infection, hoarse voice and sore throat.

These tips will keep your nose and throat clean and healthy!

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