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Can Postnasal Drip Be Cured?

Postnasal drip is one of the most common symptoms that leads to a visit to see an otolaryngologist, or ear nose and throat doctor and many wonder, can postnasal drip be cured? Mucus, the thick, wet substance that helps to trap and annihilate foreign substances like virus and bacteria before they cause infection, is found in various places in your body. Each day, glands located in the lining of your nose, throat, airways, stomach and intestinal tract produce around one to two quarts of mucus.

Normally, the mucus within your nose is not noticeable, because it mixes with your saliva and drips down the back of your throat harmlessly, swallowed regularly, throughout the day. It is only when your body begins to produce more mucus than usual, or it becomes thicker than normal, that it becomes noticeable. When this excess mucus comes out of the front of your nose, it manifests as a runny nose. When it runs down the back of the nose, into your throat, it is referred to as postnasal drip.

Postnasal drip creates the feeling that there is liquid within your throat. This irritation leads to the sensation that makes you want to continuously clear your throat and cough. It may also make you feel horse or give you a sore throat. Severe postnasal drip is associated with a persistent cough, an extremely stuffy nose, recurrent infections, blood in the mucus and voice changes.

In this blog, Manhattan Otolaryngologist Dr. David O. Volpi will address whether postnasal drip can be cured.

What Causes Postnasal Drip?

There are several reasons that your body may begin to produce the excess mucus that causes postnasal drip, such as:

  • The common cold
  • The flu virus
  • Allergies (referred to as allergic postnasal drip)
  • Sinus infections or inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis)
  • An object impacted in the nose (most common in small children)
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain medications, (such as blood pressure medications)
  • Changes to the weather, such as extreme cold or excessive dryness in the air
  • Irritants, including chemicals, perfumes, cleaning products, smoke or fumes
  • A deviated septum (a misplacement of the wall between the two nostrils)
  • Other anatomical problems that affect the sinuses

Can Postnasal Drip be Cured?

Postnasal drip can, in fact, be cured, but only once the underlying cause is discovered. How postnasal drip is treated depends on the reason it exists in the first place. Patients that experience postnasal drip often suffer from multiple symptoms simultaneously, which is why it is so important to seek out the care of a board certified otolaryngologist.

Depending on your diagnosis, treatment options for your postnasal drip may include:

  • Antibiotics to treat bacterial infections
  • Oral medications, sprays or allergy shots for allergic postnasal drip
  • Surgery for chronic sinus disorders
  • Antacid medications for gastric reflux disease

Where Can I Find Treatment for my Postnasal Drip in NYC?

Dr. David O. Volpi is a board certified otolaryngologist who is on staff at the finest hospitals in New York City, such as Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. In addition to his private ear, nose and throat practices, located in Upper East Side and Upper West Side Manhattan, Dr. Volpi is both the founder and CEO of eos Sleep, a center for the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea that has gained national recognition.

Trained and experienced in the latest technological options for the treatment of sinus conditions, Dr. Volpi is known for his knowledge and practice of a variety of minimally invasive procedures. If you are looking for a cure for postnasal drip, contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Volpi today.

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