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woman blowing nose in bed

Is There A Right Way To Blow Your Nose?

The lining tissue of the nose must always be coasted with mucus so that the delicate lining tissue of the nose can perform its important function of warming, humidifying and cleansing the mucous membranes. If the nose dries out, the result is nasal bleeding, crusting and reduction of the sense of smell. Keeping the nasal […]

child with hearing issue

New Treatment for Inner Ear Conditions

The inner ear is the part of the hearing and balance mechanism that transforms pressure waves in air into electrical energy to the brain, allowing us to have both hearing and balance. These pressure waves vary from very slow movements (less than one cycle per second) to very fast movements (ranging from a hundred to […]

man with chronic sinusitis

Topical Medications for Patients with Chronic Sinusitis

Frequent sinus infections can be caused by bacteria and viruses. Ear, nose and throat doctors frequently use nasal irrigations and topical antibiotics to lessen episodes of infection, especially after sinus surgery. However, there is controversy as to whether or not topical nasal sprays with antibiotics are an effective form of treatment.

woman singing after sinus surgery

Can Sinus Surgery Change your Voice?

The sound of your voice is created by air flowing across the vocal cords. In order to make the sound of our voice, the vocal cords are brought together as we exhale, this causes very fast vibrations, giving rise to sound waves. In order to create the many different intonations and pitches of our voice, […]