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Posts From March, 2016

ENT Specialist in NYC

How You Know It’s Time To See an ENT Specialist in NYC

Most patients with the occasional sore throat or stuffy nose reach out to their primary care physician for treatment. There are some symptoms, however, that indicate the need to see a specialist. An otolaryngologist, or ENT doctor, is a specialist who is specifically trained to medically and surgically treat conditions of the ear, nose and […]

Ear nose and throat doctor in NYC

Top Reasons to See an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) in NYC

At some point, we’ve all suffered from ear, nose and throat symptoms that have made it hard to sleep, work or enjoy our free time. When these symptoms are the occasional bi-product of something like a common cold, they are easily dealt with. Unfortunately, millions of Americans deal with ear, nose and throat symptoms that […]